National Point of Contact / Initial Referral

Germany does not have state agency or organisation functioning as the National Point of Contact for the referral of victims of THB.

The responsibility for identification, referral and victim assistance in Germany is organised on a Regional level (Länder level). There are various cooperation agreements set up between authorities and organisations in the Länder, deciding the type of assistance offered to victims as well as the responsibility of stakeholders. When German Police detects a presumed victim of THB, the person is informed that she/he can receive assistance through Specialised Counselling Centres, funded by the Länder. Thus, the Länder referral foresees that the Police refers the victim to a service provider on an early stage of the process.

Most Länder cooperation agreements cover assistance to victims of THB for sexual exploitation while some also cover victims of THB for labour exploitation. However, there are no support structures in place for victims of THB for forced begging or forced criminality.

German NGO Network against trafficking in Human Beings (KOK) can refer to a relevant counselling centre:
Phone: (+49) 30 263 911 76